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Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Pimpalgaon Baswant

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1 Installation December 28, 1995
2 Start of direct work 1 January 1996
3 इ-मेल
4 Phone No. (०२५५०) Chairman- 253232, Secretary-251287, Office- 251223, 250768
5 Chairman's name Former MLA Diliprao Shankarrao Banner
6 Secretariat name Sanjay Balasaheb Patil
7 Phone No. (०२५५०) 2512872, Mo. No.9822457688
8 Purpose Agricultural produce should be sold properly, it should not be molded, it should be convenient for the buyers to make a repetitive copy of the combined goods, and a controlled market area has been set up to generate good quality farming.
9 Market area The two market committees were established in the Nilpham taluka from April 28/12/1995 and two market committees such as Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Lassalgaon, in Niphad taluka were established and from 28/12/1999, the area of 69 villages in the western part of Nifhed Stalka was declared. Pimpalgaon Agricultural Produce Market Committee started functioning from 01-01-1996
10 Market Premises Market Premises :-
There is a total of 58 hectares (145 acre) area, including Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Pimpalgaon Baswant's main house and sub-market yard, and not only in Nashik district, but also the sole market committee in North Maharashtra.
* Supermarket Pimpalgaon Baswant in the new 100 acre, Area 40 O
* Highway Market (Pomegranate and Bedana Department), Pimpalgaon Basavant, Zone 04 20 r
* Vegetable Market (Onion Department), Pimpalgaon Baswant, Area 02 68 R.
Secondary market horizons :-
* Saykheda (Onion Department) Area 05 O 10 r
* Ozharming (Vegetable Department) Area 02 O 68 R.
* Palkhed (Grain & Vertical Section) Area 01 73 R.
* Kasbe Sukene Area 02 O 00 r
* Temporary purchase center. Shirawade Wani (Vertical Auction) Area 0.40 r.

Establishment of Market Committee-

According to the Bombay Agricultural Produce Market Act 1939, the establishment of Pimpalgaon Market Committee On December 28, 1995, Government of Maharashtra Gazette Part On page 1310 to 1313 in Supplementary 1, Published by Mr. Manohar Tribhuvan, District Sub-Registrar, Cooperative Society, Nashik. In Notification on 27.12.1995 As announced, Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Pimpalgaon Baswant, G. As per the Appendix No. 1 in Nashik, and the direct working of the market committee will be mentioned The date was started on 1 January 1996.

India's economy depends on the country of agriculture. In the pre-independence period, the poor people did not get the right price for the poor Farmers were forced to lodge their debts. The British did not create independent markets for agricultural purposes. Thus, farmers were being extorted on a large scale. Face with irregular nature The merchandise that they bought from God was bought by merchants in those days. The farmer did not know the market price. Therefore, it is always possible to live a life of poverty.

After the independence, representatives from the farmer's class appeared in the state government. Everyone took up the development of agriculture. Of these, those required for the sale of the field in 1939 The Bombay Agriculture Produce Market Act was settled by considering the market and the farmers were truly comforted. In 1947, when India became independent, in the vicinity Farmers, businessmen and co-workers activists came together. And through their efforts, the Lasalgaon Bazar Samiti was formed in 1947, and finally, on December 28, 1995, the Lasalgaon Bazar Samiti The division was established by the Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Pimpalgaon Baswant.

Before the creation of market committees, buyers went to buy mutual farmers' fields and used to buy agricultural products. When the buyer recruits 100 kg of farm land in an 80 kg bag Shekarya was paying 80 kg of weight as per his weight. This did not guarantee the huge loss of livelihood and the money from the neighboring land. Therefore, the government has created market committees Farmers are regulated by farmers through market committee. Market committees have been set up 50 years ago to stop the looting of the farmers and for the welfare of the farmers.

    The purpose of the establishment of a market committee-

    The financial fraud and misrepresentation of different ways should be stopped and unauthorized exemptions should be closed, such as the correct weight, and the right compensation for the goods should fall in cash. Market Committee was formed for the purpose of tracking the interest of other related entities.

    The financial fraud and misrepresentation of different ways should be stopped and unauthorized exemptions should be closed, such as the correct weight, and the right compensation for the goods should fall in cash. Market Committee was formed for the purpose of tracking the interest of other related entities.

    Farming auction methods-

    Today, Agricultural Produce Market Committees of Maharashtra State are the market of trustworthy farmers in rural areas and are doing extremely well and very well in the eyes of their neighbors. Since the competitive era, buyers come to the market premises and are openly participating in the auction and they are doing business by purchasing large quantities of fodder. The process of buying and selling of agricultural produce is done in a fraudulent manner in front of a hunter, in a bid to buy competitively by selling auctioned bid in a highly marketable manner. Since market committees are of interest to the farmers, after the sale of agricultural produce on the market, farmers are required to provide all such facilities to the market committee. Therefore, farmers are the first choice of market committees to sell their produce.

    Functioning of Market Committee-

    In the Pimpalgaon Basavant Market Committee, after the sale of onion, tomatoes and other farming farmers, cash payment is paid within 24 hours. But the traders here make payment immediately after the sale of the sale. This matter is very important. Upon the sale of agricultural commodities in the market committee, there has not been any fraud in the payment of any arrears. It is a matter of pride that the money from the buyer is not dipped.

    The basic income of the market committee is dependent on onion and tomatoes. Market is coming to the yard. There is no evidence that any kind of residential proof, identity card or trades have any property from the merchants present. The merchants of Tumto are procuring the perishable paddy through the local area. All the farmers have the responsibility of paying agricultural produce to the farmers. In the whole season there was a turnover of around Rs.1000 crores. In the whole season and till now no farmers of Tomato and Onion are not immune to a single rupee and have not been immovable and if the money remains in exceptional circumstances the responsibility of the market committee has been fulfilled. There is no complaint of any farmers to the sacking of the market committee or the government.

    If the market committee does not exist-

    If market committees do not exist then buyers will go to farmer's farm to buy farmland and if there is no competition, there will be business strategy to buy farmer at a rate of 40 to 50 rupees less, and after earning huge amount of money from many farmers, after collecting huge amount, the traders / buyers, Run away without paying Topics.

    As the grape farm does not deal with the market market. Going to parasitic farmer's farm, this behavior is done by the intervention of the farmer / businessman. Many neighbors have lost money in that deal. In those cases, cases have been filed in many current and police stations and no one has accepted the money. So the money has been withdrawn by the government or by any person. The main reason for this is that no one is responsible for mediation, so it is very important that the market committee has control.

    Apart from this, the Pimpalgaon Basavant Krishi Utp Bazar Samiti has been new since 1995 and the actual work has started since 1/1 996 and today, permanent and seasonal employees are working 100 to 125 employees working day and night. His whole life has been working in the market committee. Employees' entire livelihood depends on the income of the market committee. If the market is not feasible, then the situation of starvation will be coming due to the joblessness of the employees and their family's underprivileged questions.

    There are also thousands of laborers working in the Market Committee's market premises to measure weight and work. Workers are available for work if they are arriving in the market on the market, and they get the money accordingly. But if there is no sale on agricultural market, thousands of workers will be unemployed and they will be hungry.


    Shri S.N.K., Government Accounting Officer, of your market committee for the year 2013-14. Pawar, Special Auditor Co Organization, class -1 co. Institute (Walking Squad), Nashik Division, Nashik as well as the Government accounting exam of 2014-15. A.K. Nashik Division, Nashik Division, Nashik Division, Special Auditor, Class-I (Inspectorate cum Registrar Co-operative Society), and the 2015-16 financial year is yet to be scrutinized.

    Fixed Deposit-

    The market committee should increase the outstanding balance every year in the nationalized banks by 31 March 2018 Rs 7,20,37,2 9 3.00


    1) Pimpalpaw Basant is the only market committee in Nashik district, serving the services of patients on nominal door through ambulance to serve the patients.

    2) Five (5) tractors have been purchased for carrying out the perishable goods in order to avoid the spread of bad Tomato and onions, and in consequence of the spread of disease, in view of the Government's suicidal policy.

    3) Considering water scarcity due to time constraints in the work area, the market committee has bought 5 water tankers from the private sector.

    4) Pimpalgaon Basavant Krishi Utkar Bazar Samiti has spent Rs. 23.86 lakhs for farmers and new JCBs. The machine is purchased. So far the roads of Shivalik Road are going on till the farmers of both the villages are pending for the welfare of the farmers. Some farmers have a place for the road, but this road can not be strengthened due to various complicated conditions of the government. In the case of drought situation, for the construction of the water tank of Shivaraya, in order to remove the mud sludge in the river banks of various villages, farmers can pay the rent of around 700 rupees to JCB. Have to take. So the money spent on hunting is spent on a large scale. For this, JCB at 50% discount rate at the current door. The machine has given great relief to the farmers. Whether a farmer with a lot of hard work should be in a situation where there is a high dose of high quality of food made in a nearby market committee, in a situation where there is a drought situation or extreme age. From this point of view, Chairman of the Committee, Pimpalgaon Agricultural Produce Market Committee has formed a new JCB by Diliprao Bankar. Is bought. JCB The machine that buys a machine is not the only one in Maharashtra, but the only one in the market.

    5) The market committee chairman has to go to Mumbai-Pune from time to time in the jurisdiction of the market committee and the official commissions have bought Tata Safari from the market committee.


         During the financial year of 2015-2016-16 to 2017-18, the market committee has been cleared by the market committee on its main and secondary market halts, vegetable bars, buyers, tollers, hamals, and so on.

    Agricultural Produce Market Committee Pimpalegaon (B) District Nishik

    License type 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
    General falls 153 160 171
    Vegetables fall in 119 120 118
    A Class Traders 503 335 318
    Will weigh 93 71 69
    Hamal 269 184 187
    Total 1137 870 863