Future plans

   Future plans

Onion, tomatoes will be processed: - Onion, tomatoes in Nashik district are widely grown in agriculture. But farmers are forced to sell their produce in the area where there is no processing industry on the farm. Therefore, it is the market committee's intention to get more market share for the farming community by processing the farmer. The project will be included in the commercial development plan.

Cold storage / prokuling unit: - In order to store the produce produced by the farmers in the field, it is intended to make the cold storage / prokuling unit available at market rates at nominal rates. The project will be included in the professional development plan.

Raisin Cleaning, Packing & Dryer Unit - A large number of grapes are produced in the field of market committee. In Maharashtra, the only single market committee, which is the only auctioning of perfumes of sapatimala after the Saturn and Tasgaon in Maharashtra, is used to make currant in the grapes during the grapes season. In the present shed, the process is processed by drying it in a traditional way. This process takes a long time. Since vinegar is good for grapes and tastes, the country has decided to set up a high quality curd, packing and drying machine, since the country is in demand abroad. The market committee will get good income as the market committee will charge levy of currant growers for the production of currant through this machine. The project will be included in the professional development plan.

Setting up of grain cutting machines: - Production of sorghum, millet, wheat, cereals and cereals in the field and area is being taken in large quantity. Farmers bring their commodity to the market for sale to meet the needs of the farmers, after the harvesting of grains and cereals produced by farmers. They do not get the expected rate for their farming as they come without taking any kind of cleanliness. Considering the matter of this matter, the market committee is concerned about setting up of grain sapling machine. The project will be included in the professional development plan.

Implementation of onion farmer's storage plan: - Farmers from the district and other districts in the district, along with the farmers in the market premises, bring their onion to the sale. Onion is planted on a large scale every year because of the poor cultivation of farmers. In order to make adequate arrangements for the storage of onion in a systematic manner, the marginal farmers could not avail the benefits of the scheme due to lack of adequate land or due to financial constraints. For such farmers, the market committee will be present in the sub-market area of ​​Sitakheeda on 50th May. 5 ton of toddler is made and yet another 100 5 tons of capacity is considered to be in bondage. Since the onion buyer's merchandise is being stored for this purpose, the market committee will charge income from the market committee for the storage of onion, as the merchandise of the onion buyer's goods will be stored with the underprivileged buyers in this system. The project will be included in the professional development plan.

Electronic auction method: - Man is trying to give benefits to the farmers by making labels, time and accuracy of all the factors, including farmers, by fully computerizing the process of running the pre-processed auction process using the child.

Attendance and Recruitment by thumb machine: - The market committee has the intention to set up the thumb machines by employing the staff working in the market premises and installing the thumb machines for their attendance and work. The project will be included in the professional development plan.

Website of Market Committee: - Pimpalgaon Market Committee Kanda is a market-oriented market for Asia-Pacific and market committee is preparing its own website for faster and faster information on various activities of the market committee and inward and market related information. Will be done. The project will be included in the professional development plan.

Since the market committee's market arrivals are coming in large numbers, some vehicles are brought by the workers on the same day before selling some of the farmer's brothers. In order to protect the public property from theft, burglary, robbery, sudden shutdowns, agitations, accidents, accumulation of huge property in the district, the market committee will be setting up a 100-acre new market hall and a camera for the entire auction area.

Onion Export Facility Center: - With the consideration of the Pimpalgaon Basavant Market Committee's reputation for onion, the government is contemplating sending proposals to the government through the market committee for setting up an export facility center at Pimpalgaon Market hall.