Sabhapati Speech..

Sabhapati Speech..

     Expressing happiness in the form of various development works done during the period from 18th / 3/2000 to 31st / 3/2018 of Pimpalgaon Basavant Agricultural Produce Market Committee, expressing happiness and sorrow.

     Pimpalgaon Baswant Agricultural Produce Market Committee established 21 years is completed on December 28, 2016 In the democratic way, elections are held. On 18th March, 2000, I have completed 16 years to appoint the market committee as the first elected chairman. In the elections held between 2008-2015 and 2015-2020, the farmers, members of the 69 villages in the field of Niphad taluka, gave me opportunity to re-establish their trust. If the senior leaders in Niphad taluka, intervening, would have to make a market committee reach to a higher peak as the acknowledgment of the work done in last 18 years, then again, it is necessary to re-elect Maharashtra Duliparpara Bamkar with the opinion of the Election Committee. All of them express gratitude about that.

     In the past 16 years, the neighboring hitting activity will be seen in front of the neighboring market when farmers come to sell their produce in the market. The priority is to work on the same day that the auction, weight cut and go home with money within 24 hours. While trying to do this, try to get more market price than other market committee's market share. In this, the farmers, traders, hawkers, handkerchiefs, hamstars and laborers got valuable support. Therefore, today the district and other districts of Nashik are coming for sale in their market committee. Therefore, there was an increase in the financial revenue of the market committee. By adopting these formulas for financial planning, clean management, expenditure on cost and regular transparency, the purchase of 100 acres of land in the name of ownership and Rs. 44.11 crores by fulfilling various development works, Sharadchandra Pawar has built a main market base. While raising the market premises, one Rupee has not been left on the debt market committee today. Doing this The market committee has achieved success of getting Rs.6.12 crores from the scheme under NABARD for 25% infrastructure through Sharad Chandra Pawar Saheb.

     While giving benefits to various schemes to the farmers through the market committee, always contributing to the social, cultural, educational, religious and sports fields and helping the government in various natural calamities that have always been averted, there is always the market committee's initiative. When faced with the drought in the current year, the people had to make a lot of explanation for drinking and farming water. For this, the market committee has provided water to the 7 villages in 5 tracks through the demand of the Gram Panchayat and the villagers. According to the recommendations of the Gram Panchayat and Gramasthan and according to the recommendation of the Niphad Panchayat committee, water tanks have been distributed in 70 villages. In addition to the Jalakit Shivar campaign launched by the Government of Maharashtra, the JCB machine owned by the market committee and some JCB machines have been rented and widened in 111 talukas of rivers, nallahs, villages and villages. It is used to increase the soil fertility of the surrounding villages, increase the water level of the area, increase the water storage capacity, to increase the water supply, to the sewers. Due to the failure of the market committee, only 10 farmers of Niphad taluka have committed suicide due to natural calamities, loans etc.. The market committee, by giving educational support as per the requirement of financial assistance of Rs 25 thousand for each family of the victims of suicide, and financial assistance as per the requirement of children's education, has been a sincere effort to give maximum benefit to the farmers.

     Our guide, the country's former Agriculture Minister, Honorable Sharadchandrao Pawar Saheb has given us the names of farmers, who always remember the massive work done for improving the economic and social conditions of farmers in the country, named the main market for the newly constructed 100 acres of agricultural land market committee, Sharadchandra Pawar Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Pimpalegaon Basavant. Give small respect to the market committee The center is trying. This vow is conferred on the occasion of today, no tomorrow, tomorrow or in the future, as well as the promise that I will be working with all my colleagues.

     The Maharashtra government has canceled the regulation in the market committee of fruits, vegetables, onion, and potato for the purpose of promoting private sector investment by the ordinance on July 5, 2016, by amending the Act. Although this decision of the government seems very good for the farmers, it has canceled the regulation of the market committee. Although this decision of the government seems good for the farmers, it has given indirect permission to the market committees to procure markets outside the market premises. This has promptly allowed traders of market committees indirectly to buy out of the market premises. This has given silent skill = soil to farmers' farming and to pay attention to the money received from the government. Due to this unanimity, the rights of the mercantile merchants have diminished. If the arrival of large-scale agriculture comes tomorrow, it will be restricted by the merchants on the same day that all the auctions will be given to them, to influence the traders to give maximum value to the farmers. The government decision has recently passed that the shopkeepers have been excluded from market fees and monitoring fees collected by the right-wing shopkeepers through market committee. In this way, there is an attempt to break the wings of the market committee according to the government policy. All of this will be done on the income of the market committee. The government does not contribute one rupee or help the market committee for running the market committee, for development works, for employee salaries and any other expenditure. On the other hand, the market committee, according to market committee, will get 5 percent of the income from the market committee income, 5 percent of the government's sanction fee, business tax and grampanchayat housepati, and collect lakhs of rupees every year. For the last 16 years, keeping the market committee responsible for the last 16 years, the market committee has earned reputation in the country, not only in the state, but also in the market committee's income. Shakespeare has brought about as a market committee. And today, due to a decision of the government, I am deeply grieved about the fear that the market committee will be able to break.

     Even after facing every crisis faced by the farmers of this market committee, the Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Pimpalgaon Basavant will try to maintain the confidence of the hunter by putting more emphasis on the name of this market of onion, tomato, pomegranate, kidney bean, vegetable and other farm products. It is necessary to cooperate with you, farmers, obstacles, traders, high-scale workers, workers and market related constituents. I also thank all the officials of various departments, senior leaders, officers, journalists, etc., in different areas of the Nashik district and the state, thanking them and presenting the report of the progress made by the market committee with the help of all of us.

Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra !!